Athletics have been prominent throughout Stephani’s life. A Maryland native, she moved to North Carolina to attend Mars Hill University, where she played collegiate softball.

After finishing her education, she searched for something that would keep her fit, provide competition and give her a sense of community. She decided to try CrossFit and after her first class she knew she had found what she was looking for. A year later, she realized she wanted to share her passion for fitness with others and began coaching. After four years, Stephanie is still an avid CrossFitter and a passionate coach.

Stephanie truly believes that CrossFit is for everyone; whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game or a grandparent trying to keep up with your grandkids. She loves helping people accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

Her only regret about CrossFit is not starting sooner.


  • NCAA Division II Collegiate Softball 2010-2013
  • NCAA DII National Tournament 2010
  • CF L1

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