Our rules are simple, we like to work hard and expect our clients to try their very best to gain the greatest results. CrossFit is not for people unwilling to try new things and success doesn’t come easy. We believe in a few core values that deliver that extra push.


With CrossFit comes passion, having that drive is important to achieve the results you’re looking for. The hunger for hard work comes from within, and like our coaches we believe it’s important for a quality outcome.


Our programs are designed to be a challenge while keeping you motivated and confident. We are only successful together and believe in encouraging and empowering others.


Being a part of the CrossFit community also comes with respect. Respect is a must regarding the process, your fellow CrossFit athletes and your trainers. We take responsibility in our actions, decisions and results. Respect yourself and the box for your greatest success.


You’ll hear community a lot, as it’s an important value to CrossFit. Supporting one another through WOD’s and in the box delivers that extra confidence and motivation. This lifestyle not only promotes your own personal well-being, but to others as well; South Tryon Athletic Center CrossFit delivers a positive environment where you’ll gain new friends and a new outlook on life.

"You can have results. You can have excuses. You cannot have both."

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