Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get in shape first before I Start?

No you do not have to be in shape before starting the programs. Our classes use scalability so you can thrive in each workout on your own personal level. We cater our programs to each individual so you can get the most out of your fitness session.

Can I get hurt and is CrossFit safe?

There is always a risk but at South Tryon Athletic Center CrossFit we like to work with people in 3 stages and ensure you’re safe and having a good time during your workout. We believe the first stage is learning how to do the movements with the correct techniques and second we practice consistency by doing the movements over and over again with efficient technique. Lastly is intensity where you will learn the correct and safe speed at which you do the movements.

How long are the classes? And will I get a good workout from a shorter workout?

We offer 60 minute classes and as research shows a shorter duration/higher intensity yields higher benefits and results. We do go beyond 30 minutes but majority of our workouts are in shorter duration. No matter who you are or what workouts you do without hard work you will not receive results.

Is it okay to do CrossFit if I’ve had a previous injury?

Some of our clients have come in with previous injuries and have found relief from strengthening muscles around the problem area. Neglecting to exercise due to fear may actually make you more susceptible to injury in the future. Taking part in CrossFit and using scalability, can allow anyone to take part and be used as a buffer so that you are less prone to those kinds of injuries.

I am already a part of CrossFit can I drop into STAX?

We would love for you to come in, if you are passing through we charge a fee of $15 per day or offer a week-long pass for $65. We may do things differently from your own box but we hope you enjoy the change.

I am new to CrossFit but would like to try it out at South Tryon Athletic Center CrossFit what do I need to do?

We love new clients and our first class is free so we can deliver and analyze your skill level to provide you with the best possible workouts and goals. Just be sure to wear comfortable workout clothes, sneakers and water bottle.

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