Matt Lee

STAX is excited to add Matthew (Matt) Lee to our coaching staff. A certified Level 1 coach since 2013, Matt began his coaching career at CrossFit Reignited in Wilmington, NC where he served as head coach.

Matt truly embraces the CrossFit methodology. He views CrossFit as the "ultimate equalizer in fitness." He appreciates that in any given class, you can have an 80 year old grandfather and a 17 year old high school athlete (and everyone in between) working out together. Matt also loves the camaraderie that's formed between such a wide variety of athletes and says that it's something he's never seen in any other sport.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and masters degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is a licensed CPA and a Financial Analyst for Bank of America.

While numbers and financial strategizing take up the better part of Matt's day, participating in CrossFit as an athlete and coach definitely fill up his remaining hours!

He is a passionate CrossFitter and instructor.

Matt says his favorite part of coaching is watching an athlete learn a new movement that they may not have expected to learn. He loves to challenge athletes and see them learn that the limits on what they can do are often much fewer in number than they originally expected.

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